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Well I am a Madness Animator and Spritist. I have Asperger's and I was always bullied and alone but now I have decided to be creative, make new friends and kill the idiots that have bullied me in the past! ^^ Love ya'll xoxoxo

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No, I am not dead... Yet xd... No, I am not coming back... Just kidding, lol sorry. I am slowly going to come back. I got over the "scouting" thing. I gone through some bad stuff and still do. For the people who did not read my bio, I have Asperger's Syndrome. This makes my life go behind me and f#ck me. Lost many friends, made many enemies... Lost my patience... Did stuff that I am proud of and stuff that I am not... Lately I am playing PC games with some IRL friends. We can't get out cause of Coronavirus Outbreak in our country. They can manage it... I can't... I didn't get out with friends for weeks... Just me and my mother... I didn't draw online for over one month due to me losing motivation, while my PC could not handle even Chrome. Bought new PC. I need to transfer my files there and I am too bored to. I just play games with my friends. I want to come back. Make new targets and beat them. Soon some sketches will be uploaded, these days. I am going to work on mapping for a while. After all Corona stuff will end I will finally go to Online Art School. This is what I really want to do for now. I need to become an online artist. This is one of my targets, which will be known by my next update. I wrote too much. Sorry for this. Had to say some stuff, to ger them off my chest.


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